Year: 2016


How do we break from the frenzy of oversaturation? With a wealth of information at hand, we find no time to reflect upon it. Connected to everyone at all times, always in touch with the latest news, able to share our thoughts at any moment, we find ourselves paradoxically unable to engage in meaningful political thought and discourse. Have we traded solitude for a hyperkinetic frenzy? Does having more information than we could process in a lifetime available at our fingertips result in an utter lack of meaning?

This exhibit sets out to inquire into these issues through an installation in the Main Hall of the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our project is made up of a series of components—photography, furniture-sized installations, and a large central object—all of which will have differing degrees of innate sentience. Together these components serve to expose our reliance on mobile networked devices, how they shape our minds and bodies, and what may be possible if we put them aside, even for a moment.

Please follow the links to the four components:


Perkūnas Thunder 1-greenbank.jpg Detachment Photographs pbox1.jpg Pleasure Box kv_2013.12.09-08-06-29.jpg Phonewatching