Title: Pleasure Box

Year: 2016


Pleasure Box is a set of steel lockers similar to those found outside embassies, government offices, and other secure zones into which individuals can place their networked devices. Pleasure Box gives users a choice to disconnect, creating temporary relief from the oversaturation of network culture. By locking smartphones and other gadgets inside, users are detached, left to ponder other pleasures including the exhibition. Inside each compartment is a video screen displaying surveillance footage taken throughout the CAC, along with a stand to prop phones upright for recording this video footage while locked inside. Today we experience much of the world mediated through our devices. We use them to document our lives, sharing videos and photographs on social media. Yet while we willingly exchange these personal details to the public and social spheres, our gadgets are also transmitting vast amounts of personal information into the atmosphere where surveillance systems can freely detect them.

  1. Choose a lock-box
  2. Turn your smartphone camera on and place inside facing the back
  3. Close and lock the box—it will automatically lock for 3 minutes
  4. Once the lock expires (or wait even longer), retrieve your device and return the key.